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Adventure Hour! is a complete fantasy role-playing game and toolkit inspired by games like Electric Bastionland and Maze Rats to be streamlined, flavorful, and practical at all times. Its contents are filled with Game Master, referee, and worldbuilding advice from Sam Doebler at the Dreaming Dragonslayer blog. 

Adventure Hour! is a compilation and distillation of the most potent and practical ideas running fast-paced games of creativity, exploration, and wonder for those of any age.

Be ready to receive:

  • Short, potent, and efficient rules for "Playing the Game."
  • A full adventure to get you started and ease you into "Preparing the Game."
  • A concise and thoughtful section for "Running the Game."
  • 30+ tables to create adventures of your own to continue "Building the World."

...all in a 36-page PDF and printable booklet to bring to the table, for a gathering online, or on the road. Adventure Hour! was designed and playtested for such places and flexible uses in mind, making it a truly all-terrain adventure game.

Skim it, grab some friends, and dive right in to adventuring!

Stay young at heart, let your imagination soar, and happy gaming!

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Released November 2021.

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorDreaming Dragonslayer
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Tagsgame-master, role-playing-game


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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Adventure Hour! v1.2 booklet print short side flip.pdf 3 MB
Player Handout.pdf 95 kB
Belly of the Fishy Beast.pdf 1 MB
Belly of the Fishy Beast.png 1 MB

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I’m not one to type comments or reviews but this pdf is absolutely fantastic - possibly the best intro to FKR and maybe even roleplaying in general I’ve ever read. I don’t know many GMs that wouldn’t benefit from reading it through even if they never touch the system. Amazing work!

Wow! What a glowing review! Glad you found it useful 😁

Any chance to get on Drive-Thru RPG so people can post reviews? This is a good game and should get more exposure. You are among many new authors thinking about RPGs in a new way. It’s like an evolution of the story/Indy games movement from  decade ago. Really speaking my language. 

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Alright, I've submitted both Adventure Hour! and Skorne to DT. I'll send you a code so you can make a review there if you like (which you do, from the sounds of it haha). Thanks for the push to make that happen! :)



I cannot post a review without purchase on DT RPG. I already purchased here. Can you assist?

Message me here and I promise to get you your copy on DT: https://dreamingdragonslayer.com/contact/

Fantastic work!  However, there is not enough tables provided, need more 😆.  And only 36 classes to choose from?  You need at least a d100 table of classes!  Just kidding, really like it, can't wait to try it out with my kids.


OOoooh boy. d100 classes?  That would require using dice other than d6s. Clearly the way to go is to make a d108 table. 111 through 366. Boy would that be a lot of work! :)

Excited for you to try it!


Here is the official Adventure Hour! Online Adventurer Sheet!

...This is what I use for my online classes. :)


Fantastic stuff. So excited to use this with my students.

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I'm really excited to give this a try!

[Edit] I've played this several times now, and it has solidly become my favorite TTRPG.