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This is an open strategy game based on the genius of Terry Brooks' book "Magic Kingdom for Sale -- Sold!"

The problem: "A new king has come to Landover who purchased the right to rule from the wizard who calls himself Meeks. Many have tried to hold the kingship before and failed…"

This scenario features six playables roles each with their own briefings and two NPC roles. Including:

King of Landover: The most recent buyer of the title of king in Landover, looking to secure their throne. The name of the king is the same as the player’s real name.

Lords of the Greensward: Selfish men that represent a majority of the human population in Landover. They tire of dragon raids and spineless kings.

Strabo: The dragon of Landover. Bored and lonely, but most assuredly the strongest being in the magical kingdom.

The River Master: The fairy leader of Elderew, the city of outcasts from the mists and the fairy world. Secretive and protective.

The Mark, Lord of Abaddon: Nested in Abaddon, the underworld of Landover, the Mark strikes without warning to throw the magical kingdom into chaos.

Nightshade: A castaway magic user in Deep Fell who is in it for the power.

See a lovely report of the game in action here.

Released April 2021.


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Landover Open Strategy Game (player-facing).pdf 249 kB
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Unfortunately it looks like the downloads are not working for some reason. Great idea though! I loved that series of books.

hmmm. Seem to be working on my end, never had difficulties before…

Apparently it's just the Itch client now.  I initially used the client, but when it didn't work I went through the site.  When I clicked download it didn't work. Now it does.  Sorry for the trouble and thanks for looking into it!

no worries! Just reminded me that this existed, which always starts the wheels a’spinning’…

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I'm actually going to try to play this solo.  It seems like the GM facing document would be implied to be secret, but at the same time it has the powers of each faction.  Is this supposed to be player knowledge too, but the GM simply uses it as a guideline to run the game and adjudicate the Actions? In addition, I didn't see guidance on how you roll for an action's success.

Players were given vague outlines of which each other player was about, but the contents of their powers were kept secret. As for rolling, I changed my preferred methods in later iterations (see the Blades in the Dark open strategy game):

If an action is unopposed or easy, it happens. If success is uncertain, the referee rolls 2d6. If likely, only one die needs to be 4 or higher. If unlikely, both need to be 4 or higher. Rolling doubles means something chaotic occurs.

Looks great. Can't wait to try it. Good work!